“Futamo” has started brewing sake in Bitchu Ooi (Ashimori district, Okayama-city) since 1870.

 Ooi was called “Futamo goori” once upon a time and the brand “Futamo” is named after this place name.

 Futamo’s sake brewed in a white wall sake brewery that hasn’t changed since Edo period.(Over 150 years ago)

  We prefer handmade sake brewing with conventional tools to contemporary automated one and are proud of Bitchu style sake brewing.

  We welcome guests who wish to visit the brewery.

Brewery Information

 Company name FUTAMO SAKE Co.,Ltd 
Brand name Futamo,Kinojo
 Address  2272 Ooi Kita-ku Okayama city Okayama 701-1462  Japan
 Tel   +81-86-295-0025 (Japanese only)
 Fax   +81-86-295-2132
 Email  futamo@po4.oninet.ne.jp



Shop Information

Hours 10:00~18:00

Sunday,National holidays,

Summer holidays(Aug13-15),

and New years holiday(Jan1-4)

 Parking  20 cars
 Credit Card Acceptance  Unavailable
Email  futamo@po4.oninet.ne.jp
Website(Japanese) https://kamikura.wixsite.com/kaminokura


Tour Information

Tour contents watch a promotion video 【English】

Visit brewery 【Japanese,English



It takes about 30-60 minutes for a tour.

Hours  10:00~17:00

Sunday,National holiday,

Summer holiday(Aug13-15),


and New-years holidays(Jan1-4)

Tour fees Free
Reservation Please make advance reservation during 3 months to 7days before by form or email.

 20 cars

 Support for non-Japanese  Brochures are available in English and Chinese.
Email  futamo@po4.oninet.ne.jp


    • We appreciate your understanding in case we would not be able to accept you on the desired date and time by reservation status or the absence of a person in charge.
    • Sake tasting is not available for visitors who will be driving or riding a vehicle, minors, and pregnant or nursing women.
    • We reserves the right to turn away guests who are wearing strong perfume, strongly scented hair products, and scented lotions.
    • You should not eat natto (fermented soybeans) on the day of visit and the day before.

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From Ashimori Station

(JR Momotaro line)

On Foot  :   60minutes

By Bus    :   10minutes

By Taxi    :     7minutes

 From Bitchutakamatsu Station 
(JR Momotaro line)

By Taxi  :    15minutes

By  Rental bicycle  :   45minutes

 From Okayama Airport By Taxi    :    15minutes 

From Okayama Expressway Okayama Soja IC

By Car     :    15minutes



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